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Caring for Your 925 Silver Jewelry

by Himanshu Walia on Sep 08, 2022

While purchasing exquisite jewelry is enjoyable and thrilling, nothing diminishes the experience more than a dull tarnish. Your 925 silver jewelry is intended to be cherished for years. Nonetheless, as time passes, the luster of your silver may fade or become black. But, have no fear! We here explain that caring for sterling silver is simple, fast, and convenient. You need to understand the appropriate methods and strategies.


Why Does The 925 Silver Jewellery Start To Tarnish?

The standard composition of sterling silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals. Popular because of its economy and malleability, sterling silver also tarnishes rapidly due to its chemical makeup. So if you see darkened or dark-colored jewelry, your silver has tarnished; nonetheless, there's no reason to ignore or discard it!

Your 925 silver jewellery might lose its luster if it comes into contact with water or is stored in a humid environment or a wet location. Your sterling silver jewelry is susceptible to tarnishing if you wear it during everyday activities. It is due to the interaction of multiple chemicals in products such as lotions, fragrances, and cleaning supplies.

Tarnish is only the product of a chemical interaction between airborne oxygen and sulfur particles. With a few tips, you can ensure that your sterling silver jewelry will remain for years!

So now, let's look at a few steps to care for your 925 silver jewelry.


Various Ways To Clean Your 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery

There are several techniques for cleaning silver jewelry at home. You've undoubtedly discovered numerous alternatives and pondered which is the best. Fret not; here, we share some tips for getting started.

1. Soap and water:

This is our highly suggested option due to soap and water's mildness. Furthermore, this ought to be your initial step before doing anything else. So after cleaning it with soap and water, clean and dry it well and remove the tarnish.

2. Baking soda & water

We suggest using baking soda and water in place of toothpaste if you discover instructions to use toothpaste. However, these days toothpaste may have certain chemicals that may do more harm to your jewelry. Hence, prepare a paste of waste and baking soda and scrub gently using a cloth or brush after dipping it in the baking soda and water paste.

3. Baking Soda & White Vinegar

The combination of white vinegar and baking soda is an effective approach for eliminating stubborn tarnish. Dip sterling silver in ½ cup white vinegar with two tablespoons of baking soda and let them sit for two-three hours. Next, rinse the jewelry and dry thoroughly.

After thoroughly cleaning your 925 Silver Earrings Online, you can complete the procedure by utilizing a polishing cloth designed specifically for sterling silver.

So you need to repeat this procedure multiple times when required. Remember that the key to maintaining the brightness of your sterling silver is to do frequent cleanings to eliminate tarnish as it forms. If you allow a jewel to collect a great deal of tarnish and then try to eliminate it at once, your job will be far more challenging.

These steps are gentle on your silver jewelry and hence are safe. Whenever the luster of your 925 silver degrades or turns black, it is advisable to have a professional restore it. Visit your neighborhood jeweler to have your jewelry polished up.


Other Essential Tips To Store Your Silver Jewelry

  • Use an airtight jar to store your 925 Silver Earrings Online and other pieces. You can also use ziplock bags. You may get specialized jewelry boxes for a more beautiful alternative to zip-lock bags.
  • Light, heat, and moisture increase oxidation. Be certain to store your valuables in a cold, dark location.
  • Separately keeping your jewelry reduces the likelihood that it can have scratches or be entangled.
  • Remove your jewelry before swimming, bathing, or showering.
  • Boxes made from paper, cardboard, or cotton-filled material may contain residues of sulfur, which contributes to tarnishing. Hence, avoid them.
  • Avoid bringing your jewelry to contact with chemicals like acetone-containing nail polish removers, bleach, cleaning products, etc.


Understand that tarnish is a characteristic of the most valuable metal alloys, including 925 silver jewellery. Preserving your sterling silver spotless requires frequent at-home maintenance and professional cleanings. We recommend a yearly professional cleaning for any valuables.