Jewellery Care and Guide

Jewellery Care Tips

by Himanshu Walia on Sep 15, 2022

Knowing how to take care of and safeguard your priceless jewellery can make all the difference in preserving its beauty and keeping your family treasures glittering for many years to come.  Both owning and maintaining distinctive, lovely pieces of silver jewellery are crucial.  Let us look at some tips to make sure your lovely jewellery shines brightly like new and lasts a lifetime!

Due to oxidation, every sterling silver (92.5 per cent silver) will tarnish over time.  There is no manufacturing flaw with tarnishing.  It begins by turning yellowish before turning black.

Jewellery Care Tips for Wearing

The other metals in the alloy—typically copper—react with the sulphur and moisture in the air, which causes oxidation.  These chemically bind to the silver and discolour it.  Silver can tarnish much more quickly if it is exposed to substances like acidic skin PH (sweaty skin), chlorine, hairspray, sulphur, salty air (humid weather), cologne and perfume.  The wearer's skin type and maintenance practices have an impact on how much tarnishing (oxidation) takes place.

Jewellery Care Tips for Storing

At the end of the day, wipe your jewellery clean with a jewellery towel or an old t-shirt.  The best way to prevent jewellery from getting scratched or tangled is to place each piece in a plastic pouch or zip-top bag.  Keep your jewellery pouches in sealed containers for the greatest care.  When your silver isn't being worn, the less air and light it is exposed to, the less tarnish will develop.

Jewellery Care Tips for “Cleaning”

You need not be concerned if your product oxidises over time and turns darker.  Silver turns black over time.

An easy approach is to carefully rub the metal with an eraser.  You will have the shine back.  The safest method for polishing silver at home is to thoroughly wipe and clean the jewellery with silver shine solutions.  Shake the bottle thoroughly, apply with a gentle cloth, and allow it to air dry.  Prepare to find some major sparkle by gently rubbing off with a clean, soft cloth.  But keep in mind not to apply them to gemstones.  Given how sensitive many gemstones are, hot water, chemicals, and cleansers should always be avoided.

Clean jewellery made of silver without pearls or jewels in warm water with a light detergent.  Before storing, thoroughly dry with a soft, lint-free, or nonabrasive cloth.  Please refrain from drying with kitchen paper towels because they can harm your silver.

If you come across some older Sterling Silver jewellery that has been forgotten for some time, you can thoroughly clean it with warm soapy water and a soft natural bristle toothbrush before drying it as described above.

Professional silver polishing cloths are another great accessory for your jewellery - 100% cotton that has been treated with unique silver cleaners.  With the help of these smart silver dusters, which essentially lift off dirt, grease, and fingerprints, you can restore the lustre to your jewellery on a regular basis.  Simply rub your jewellery to reveal dazzling pieces!

The Don’ts

Silver Dips: We don't advise using silver "dips" or liquids since they dissolve silver sulphide, which can harm the silver's surface and gradually corrode it.  Even though cleansers might produce a brief sheen, once the surface has been worn down, the items will tarnish considerably more quickly and require more frequent cleaning.

Dental paste: Although it is a mild abrasive, we have discovered that it can harm silver if not used properly.  It can leave scratches and a dull film.  It can assist remove minor scratches.  Having your jewellery professionally polished seems like a safer solution for removing scratches.

Oh, and save those tiny Silica bags you receive in your wonderful new purse; they work wonders as moisture zappers.  Place a few in your jewellery box.

Make jewellery your final finishing touch after applying hairspray, perfume, and makeup to avoid unnecessarily coming into contact with these chemicals.

Do not wear jewellery while bathing or swimming.

Take off your jewellery before working out because it's not attractive to be fumbling with a necklace in the middle of a downward dog!

Save your jewellery to impress at a cocktail party rather than flaunting it on the beach, where it will be damaged by the sun, sand, and salt water.