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Basics of Pearl Jewellery

by Himanshu Walia on Sep 16, 2022

If you're a pro in jewelry or just stepping into the world, some chances of owning a piece of beautiful pearl jewelry crossed your mind like a thousand times. Pearl is one of the rare gemstones to find since ancient times as they rise from the depth of the sea. These precious gemstones of elegance and sophistication once symbolized royalty and classic looks. Before you buy Pearl Jewellery Online, you should know a thing or two about pearls.

History of pearl jewelry

Did you know pearls are known as the "queen of gems" and the world's oldest gem? Pearl was admired long before history was written. People wore pearls as a piece of jewelry for millennia, thanks to the segments of jewelry found in the Persian Princess' sarcophagus dating back to 420 BC. The Chinese royalty admired these precious drops as gifts. And, ancient Rome considered it as a status symbol. During the rule of the Byzantine empire, the emperors wore the pearls, and few other societies ruled who could and could not wear pearls.

People did not see pearls frequently until Kokichi Mikimoto cultivated it in 1893, and Asians discovered a way to produce them. Before this, divers must go 100 ft underwater to retrieve pearls while risking their lives. It was a risky task with limited success as tons of oysters retrieved three or four gems. Today finding natural Pearl Jewellery Online is rare. Most of the pearl jewelry we see is of cultured pearls, whose production began in Japan in the early 1900s.

Types of Pearls

Freshwater Pearls: Freshwater pearl jewelry is reasonable, yet they are as old as Akoya pearls. They have a beautiful soft luster and have baroque shape. Moreover, they come in pastel shades of pink, peach, and lavender. They grow without the beads, and one can find many pearls at once in freshwater shells. The best freshwater pearls refer to as freshadama and seem the same as the Akoya pearl.

Akoya Pearls: Commonly known as classic pearls, people mostly find them on Japan's coasts. They come in cream and white shades. You can identify Akoya pearls for their luster, color, and shape. Luster is an essential feature to look for when buying Pearl Jewellery Online. The finest of Akoya pearls is called hanadama. Though Akoya pearls are generally white and cream, exotic silver blues, baroque, gold, and natural blues also exist.

Tahitian Pearls: Often called black pearls, Tahitian pearls come in various metallic hues like gold, green, brown, etc. They grow in the large black lip oyster in the saltwater. Tahitian Pearl Jewellery Online is in demand due to its shape and metallic sheen.

South Sea Pearls: South Sea pearls, the Rolls Royce of pearls, are in perfect round shape. They are rare finds, and the most extensive saltwater pearls are the size of a marble. South sea pearls come in shades of white to gold. You will find these pearls in two types of oysters; silver-lip oysters and gold-lip oysters. They are the perfect pearls and are statement pearls.

Popular Pearl Jewellery Online to Buy

Pearl Rings: Pearl rings make a statement piece to add to your jewelry collection. They are famous for astrological beliefs across India and various parts of the world, but if you don't believe them, you can Buy Pearl Jewellery Online to flaunt them.

Pearl Necklace: How can we miss a classic pearl necklace? Pearl necklaces are the epitome of elegance and sophistication and have been for thousands of years. We think every woman must have one pearl necklace in their jewelry collection. Collar, choker, matinee, princess, opera, and Lariat or rope are the types of pearl necklaces.

Pearl Earrings: A pair of simple pearl stud earrings is one jewelry piece a woman must have. And, if you don't like studs, there are plenty of other options, like chandbalis, jhumkis, and dangle earrings.


Now that we've shared the types of pearls and features and the types of pearl jewelry online, we hope you're prepared to Buy Pearl Jewellery Online. The best thing about pearl jewelry is it can go effortlessly with other jewelry and various outfits, from casuals to formals. To assure that you're purchasing genuine pearls, purchasing your jewelry from a reputable seller is essential. Ensure that they are authorized and that the metal employed alongside the pearl is high quality.