Hey Gorgeous!

At FASHIONY, we think that living is all about being yourself. Your jewellery is merely a channel through which you can express your emotions.

So, here are some recommendations for caring for your priceless FASHIONY items.

Your FASHIONY jewellery is just as priceless and unique as you are! It ought to be the final item you put on and the first item you remove.

Like YOU, Your FASHIONY Jewellery is Special, Brilliant, and Charming.

You must ensure that it has a secure home if you want to guarantee that it stays that way.
Simply place these lovely items in your FASHIONY Kit or a Zip Lock Bag to store them.
They'll stick by your side as long as you keep them safe.

Your FASHIONY jewellery deserves the same tenderness and attention as YOU do.

Strong chemicals, soap, perfumes, and high humidity are tough not just on your skin but also on your jewellery. Best to keep direct contact with them to a minimum or avoid altogether.

Like you, every piece of FASHIONY jewellery is delicate and lovely.

Be gentle when handling your jewellery because it might be harmed by using too much force. After all, you wouldn't want your spouse to treat you harshly either, would you?

Each of us has home remedies we use to stay healthy.

Your FASHIONY jewellery is no different; it enjoys DIY maintenance as well!
Simply soak a towel in warm water, add a small amount of mild soap, and gently touch your jewellery to clean it. You're done after rinsing with clean water and wiping dry with a soft cloth.

Let's face it, we could all use a little touch-up now and then.

How is it possible that your FASHIONY Jewellery does not feel the same way?
Contact us or your neighbourhood jeweller if you ever need to have your lovely jewellery repolished, even though it will likely retain its lustre for a very long time.
Because it's preferable to leave some things to the experts.