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Must Add Pendants for your Wardrobe

by Himanshu Walia on Sep 17, 2022

History has been a witness to the fact that jewels and jewellery have always been a woman's favourite. Pendant necklaces and pendants have been one of the most popular accessories for everything. These are accessories that women cannot do without. They need these for every occasion.

However, a pendant is a piece of jewellery that can never go wrong. You can team a pendant with anything that you wear, whether you wear a western outfit or a traditional one. Pendants go perfectly with every dress and are suitable for every occasion. There is an endless number of pearl ruby and zircon pendant designs to choose from. All you will have to keep in mind is the occasion for which you are choosing to wear the pendant and wear it accordingly.

List of Pendants

A pendant is an accessory that adds a feminine touch to any outfit that you wear. They go perfectly with everything. A woman has a pendant for every occasion. Here is a list of some must-have pendants that should essentially be a part of your wardrobe. If you do not have one of these, then you must get one soon.

#1 Casual Pendants

Casual pendants are classic, versatile, and fashionable. These are the kinds of pendants that are essential for every wardrobe. They add a charm to the everyday look. Casual pendants are generally simple and sleek. They add a touch of classiness to your regular look. You can choose to wear these pendants either with western or even with light traditional. Moreover, these kinds of pendants are ideal for every occasion. You can choose to wear these either for small family occasions or parties. You can also team them up as a part of your indo-western wear at work. There are various designs available in chain pendants silver.

#2 Business Pendants

Pendants are the most elegant accessories that a woman can have. Business pendants are the best accessories that a woman can have. These are classy and elegant and add charm to the entire business look. You can simply team up a simple silver chain pendant design with your business wear, and you are all set. Furthermore, these pendants simply go perfectly with blazers or look super appealing. However, wearing business pendants depends on the office environment that you work in. If your office environment is a comparatively lighter one, then you can choose to wear layers of thin chains with small pendants.

#3 Pearl Pendants

You can choose to wear a pearl pendant for every occasion. You can either choose to wear pearl pendants to the office, or you can also choose to wear them for family occasions, weddings, or even if you go to meet your friends for a casual dinner. A pearl pendant can be worn on all kinds of occasions. Pearls are timeless, and they represent luxury and sophistication. Choosing a pearl pendant can never go wrong for any occasion or outfit. It is one of the best choices that you can make. You can choose to wear pearl pendants with a simple chain pendant silver.

#4 Heart Pendants

Although heart pendants are not a different kind of pendant variation that you will find. However, heart pendants are something that every woman has in their wardrobe. These are kind of the wardrobe essentials that every woman has. Certainly, heart pendants add a different kind of bling to the look altogether. You can wear these on any casual occasion, or you can even choose to wear a heart pendant as a regular piece of jewellery. A chain pendant silver heart is something that you must have as a part of your wardrobe.

#5 Statement Pendants

Statement pendants have the chicest and most contemporary designs. These are the kinds of silver chain pendant designs that you can experiment with. These can be worn on any occasion as long as you can carry them. However, statement pendants are more popular with the younger generation than the older ones. Wearing one such pendant will give you a unique look and will make you stand out in the crowd.

Bottom Line

A pendant is for every occasion. These five kinds of pendants are must-haves for every woman’s wardrobe. If you do not have any of these, then grab one for yourself soon.