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Understanding Zircons

by Himanshu Walia on Sep 20, 2022

A little-known and frequently misinterpreted stone is zircon. Zircon used to be highly regarded and sought after throughout history for its natural brilliance and alluring qualities. But currently, not many people are aware of this gemstone. It is a stunning natural gemstone similar to diamonds in many respects.

According to certain crystals discovered in Australia, zircon seems to be the earliest mineral ever found on earth. It has an estimated age of around 4.4 billion years!

Zircon was the first naturally occurring diamond imitator because it resembled diamonds in structure. It is the only naturally occurring gemstone that even remotely resembles a diamond in look. Zircon has a negative reputation because many people mistake it for the less expensive, less valued cubic zirconia. But it is still a lovely gemstone in its rights.

Continue reading if you want to learn everything there is to know about zircon. If you're curious, buy zircon jewellery.

Zircon, What Is It?

A genuine gemstone is a zircon. It comprised zircon silicate and was found in several places, including Sri Lanka, Burma, Cambodia, the United States, South Africa, and Australia. Since ancient times, it has been used in jewellery, primarily as a diamond substitute.

The word has been derived from the Persian word "zargun." It means "gold-coloured." Zircon comes in various colours because of the contaminants present during the formation of the stone. Zircon can occasionally be radioactive and include minute amounts of uranium. In these circumstances, you can have zircons in jewellery. This shouldn't deter you from introducing zircon to your jewellery collection. That's because meagre quantities of radioactivity in zircon necklace sets create no hazard to public health.

Zircon possesses extremely high distortion, dispersion, sparkle, and brilliance. In other words, it is a dazzling and flaming stone that plays beautifully with light. Zircon also shows rainbow hue flashes.

Assessing The Hue Of Zircons

The most often used types are blue, pink, yellow, and colourless zircons are the most often used types. But, this stone can be found in every colour.

The purest type of zircon is colourless, and diamond-like stones of excellent quality can be tough to find. It is substantially less expensive than diamonds despite being much rarer.

The most expensive and sought-after zircon variation is blue. It is hard to find blue zircon in its natural state. Hence, many blue gemstones in the marketplace have undergone heat treatment to produce distinctive zircon pastel blue hues for zircon necklace sets or earrings.

Since green zircons seem the most uncommon of all zircon colours, women really treasure them. It is tough to find and is a museum piece.

Some zircon gemstones can also demonstrate pleochroism. Depending on the angle from where you view the crystal, this refers to the stone's capacity to exhibit two or more colours. The hue that results from the frequent manifestation of blue and green colours is similar to teal.

Selecting Your Zircon Cut

Cutting colourless zircon into a dazzling shape typically maximises its brilliance. It gives it an appearance remarkably similar to diamonds due to zircon's strong distribution and light efficiency. Another technique for improving zircon's light efficiency is faceting. These stones are frequently expertly faceted from various angles.

Zircon also comes in emerald step, oval, round, pear, marquise, trilliant, and radiant shapes.

The choice of zircon clarity

In general, when you buy zircon jewellery, you will see that it exhibits exceptionally high degrees of clarity. The majority of zircon sold today is eye-clean. However, because it is a natural gemstone, there may be minute imperfections and faults that are frequently evident under a microscope.

Most zircon gemstones have a vitreous sheen and are transparent or translucent. Zircon may occasionally undergo heat treatment to increase its transparency. Higher transparency zircons are more precious and in demand for jewellery.

Price Of Zircon Stones

Even though some types of zircon are far rarer than diamonds, these stones are typically much less expensive. This implies that you can get a spectacular stone at a reasonable price, making zircon an excellent option for jewellery.

Zircon can range at the best affordable price, based on the stone's quality characteristics. You must assess the stone to be sure it is worth the list price.

Since zircon is not a well-known gemstone, most brick-and-mortar businesses might not have it in store. But, at Fashiony, you can have the most astounding pieces of zircon jewellery.