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A Complete Guide To Jewellery Styling

by Himanshu Walia on Sep 21, 2022

For the most part, styling or accessorising with jewellery can be challenging. It takes a keen understanding of current trends and a creative imagination to pair the ideal jewellery with an attire that fits the occasion and body shape. Dressing is an art. Thus, it's not for everyone.

However, every woman is born with the ability to dress. Anyone can look their best if they are in the right frame of mind. And to help you decide, we've put together a comprehensive guide on how to wear jewellery based on your body shape, dress, and occasion.

There are primarily two things you need to comprehend - the kind of jewellery and the choice of clothing.

The Kind of Jewellery

Every piece of jewellery has specific guidelines with Jewellery Styling Tips that, when followed, can work miracles. The right jewellery pairing, not the ideal selection, is the key.

Each item of jewellery is created to go with a specific style. You could be perplexed as to why a particular necklace looks so stunning on a model but not on you. This is because it is designed to perfection, considering the neckline, complexion, and circumstance. Necklaces can work their magic and produce the perfect outfit accompaniment when the garment's neckline wears them.

Earrings, meanwhile, are more face-specific.

Conversely, among the most popular accessories for women's fashion is bracelets. They are more situational. Every bracelet may be mixed and matched with various outfits while considering the setting and situation. Avoid wearing bulky, dangling bracelets that generate a lot of noise and interfere with your job if you're going to the office. Consider layering bracelets for a playful look if you're going for a more informal event.

Say No to Trends

To some extent, trends influence what we wear, which is acceptable. However, it is never a good idea to blindly follow fashion trends at the price of your taste and personality. You'll lose your bearings. Oh, and the price is high as well! Instead, focus on creating and enhancing your own distinctive personal style that flatters you and gives you a sense of confidence.

You rock it if you own that, whether or not it's trendy right now or in the future. When choosing jewellery to wear, always think about what flatters your skin tone, frame, and a general sense of style.

Type of Clothing

With the proper jewellery, an item of clothes can feel dressed up or down. Each item of jewellery has a companion. You may easily select the perfect jewellery for your wardrobe by carefully evaluating the dress. Try to follow fashion trends and consider the event and your outfit's kind (Western or Oriental), colour, work, undertones, borders, and neckline.

Every piece of jewellery complements a particular set of outfits nicely, but with a bit of creativity, it may also be worn in many combinations. A colourful stone pendant, for instance, can be worn with a crisp white shirt for a traditional workplace look, or you can go bohemian by wearing it with a long sleeveless dress while on holiday at the beach.

Consider combining an ethnic item of jewellery, such as Jhumkas, Pearl necklaces, Rose Gold jewellery, and ladies silver bangle design, with attractive Indian traditional clothing, such as a saree, lehenga, or Kurti.

Wear contemporary style jewellery pieces like long danglers, zircon necklaces, metal necklaces, and bracelets if you plan to dress up in casual wear or western outfits.

To achieve a fusion style, stylists and fashionistas constantly test accessorising by combining traditional jewellery with western clothing.

The final and most crucial accessory guideline is to ignore all others. Create a look that suits you - sophisticated, assured, and at ease.

In addition to having a good awareness of what would suit you, choosing the appropriate jewellery for an event also calls for creative ideas. And as those with a natural sense of style may know, the right jewellery, whether it is zircon jewellery or ladies silver bangle design, may refresh your appearance.

Festival and wedding season has arrived, which heralds the emergence of new trends.


It’s Time To Clean

Yes! The beauty of your jewellery and your appearance as a whole will be much enhanced by cleaning it. You'll notice that the jewellery you usually wear or that has been collecting dust for some time is dusty, dull, and far from its sparkling best if you look at it closely. Similar to how you shouldn't forget to clean your clothes, you shouldn't forget to clean your jewellery.

Go Fashiony and choose the best one.